Buying & Selling Businesses

Providing Opportunities for Sustained and Short-Term Profit

Buying & Selling Businesses

A N Global Consulting connects business buyers and sellers, as well as franchisors and franchisees. Buy and sell businesses built for success with brokering services through A N Global Consulting. We are part of Transworld Business Advisors of DFW Metro South, the biggest business brokerage firm in the world. With the support of DFW Metro, we help clients buy or sell businesses in over 15 countries, and we connect business purchasers with more than 400 franchise opportunities. Please, reach out to us to get started, or feel free to continue reading to learn about what we do and why you should trust A N Global Consulting.


What We Do

We work with business owners and procurers, preparing them to purchase or sell a business with ease. We aim to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity for profit for their unique situation. We connect business procurers with access to hundreds of opportunities, so they can select the most advantageous opportunity for their investment. We also connect business sellers and franchisers with buyers, providing profitable, quick turnaround. Learn more about our buying and selling solutions below.


Selling Your Business

Count on us to develop strategies and arrange a confidential information memorandum for sale. We can assist with advertising for your clients, providing support from our own pockets to handle all buyer inquiries. Our experts work with you and help conclude the sale with our coordinators. If you're selling, we even provide your business with a thorough valuation to ensure you receive the best value offer for your business. We can also help you to create franchise opportunities, connecting you with new business partners to gain passive, sustainable income.


Purchasing a Business or Franchise

Helping buyers find their dream business and negotiate on their behalf is our specialty. Consult with our experts and expand your opportunity for success with A N Global Consulting. We connect investors with a pool of over 400 elite franchises and purchasable businesses, so you can choose the right opportunity for new growth.


Why Trust A N Global Consulting?

Here at A N Global Consulting, we have years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and access to unique business opportunities. We strive to connect business buyers and sellers to provide all parties with opportunities for profit, be it long-term growth, or a short-term sale. We also help with business valuation, and we can provide business turnaround and growth strategies. Feel free to take a look at our business brokerage opportunities through Transworld, or learn more about business turnaround and growth.

Start With a Consultation

Want to learn more about buying or selling a business? Or eager to get started? Count on A N Global Consulting. Simply reach out to us with any inquiries you may have or if you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.