Investment Based Migration

Providing Opportunities for Immigration and Investment

Investment Based Migration

Go global and improve your chances for success when you partner with A N Global Consulting to seek an investment based migration opportunity. We work with clients who want to migrate to the USA, Australia, and India through business investment. We work tirelessly to help you expand your business globally and meet your personal and business goals. Please take note, we do not provide immigration or investment advice, rather we refer clients to our panel of immigration attorneys or licensed broker-dealers. Feel free to learn more about our solutions, candidate requirements, and our company below, or reach out to us for a consultation.

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Our Solutions

A N Global Consulting connects people around the globe with citizenship and investment opportunities. We connect those who are seeking citizenship by investment opportunities with current business owners and franchisers within the United States. We provide both direct equity investment opportunities and business procurement opportunities, enabling individuals to invest in a profitable opportunity, while beginning the citizenship or visa process. You can learn more about these two options to achieve your investment based migration goals below.


Direct Equity Investment

We specialize in the Direct Equity Model, providing people easy access to profitable investments paired with an opportunity to acquire citizenships and visas. We help clients receive their citizenship with a path to an E2 business visa in the USA in six months, and we assist overseas investors with acquiring a business in the USA. Achieve your personal and family goals like acquiring a green card through EB5, E2 business visas, or an L1 intracompany transfer. Expand your business and reach new levels of success.


Our Business Brokerage Network

You may also work within our brokerage network through Transworld Business Advisors of DFW Metro South, and invest in more than 400 available franchises. Our specialists provide you with strategy, structure, discipline, and more. We are geared toward business turnaround and growth strategies. Achieve your goals by closing big-name acquisition deals and making intracompany transfers.


Candidate Credentials

Candidates should be prepared to purchase a business or invest in direct equity, in order to begin their path to obtain a business visa or citizenship. Candidates should also have a valid passport to provide entry to the United States, and any other necessary civil documents prepared (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.), which may be required to obtain a visa. We can direct you to our panel of immigration attorneys for additional details on the credentials you’ll need to acquire and prepare for visa and citizenship procurement.

Why Trust A N Global Consulting?

Here at A N Global Consulting, we have years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and access to the business opportunities necessary to begin the investment based migration process in the United States. We have experience working with those who are interested in citizenship by investment opportunities, as well as business owners and franchisers. This enables us to connect those seeking investment based migration with the opportunities and resources they need to buy into a profitable business while emigrating to the United States. Again, we do not provide immigration or investment advice, but we’d be happy to refer clients to our panel of immigration attorneys or licensed broker-dealers.

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